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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 10a bundle
Hello. I placed my order on 4/12/18 and received it on 4/16/17. The process was fast and professional. I received emails and text messaging confirming delivery. You guys really care about customer service because in my time of ordering online, I've never experienced a level of concern from the seller. I will most definitely order again!!! My Brazilian Hair was exactly like it was described... Absolutely Perfect. Thanks Berry's Fashion. You guys ROCK!!!
The hair was soft; flowed well; no shedding. The wefts are a bit thicker than normal, so I was able to only use/fit 2 bundles, as opposed to 3. Fast delivery. Responsive customer service.
Let me first say I LOVE THIS HAIR ! This is about my 100ty time ordering from this vendor and every time I am satisfied. When I get my hair It usually last me a couple years through bleaching and coloring it. The texture never gets band and the hair is always as good as it came out the package wheather I add chemicals to it. I will continue to order my Peruvian straight hair from here. Shipping is always fast and I never have a problem ! These are some pictures from past times I ordered New Star hair
I've been using Berry's hair for about 3 or 4 years now. Hair lasts long and is very soft - definitely human/virgin hair. I have dyed this hair and made clip ins with it and its beautiful. The ONLY NEGATIVE remark I will have to say is the ends were very scraggly on this batch. Usually the ends are thick and not dry, this time the ends were dry and sparse which caused me to have to cut the ends - which of course makes you loose some length. However, I still give 5 stars because everything else is great - the hair lifted in colour perfectly, I got the hair in like 2 days and the overall consistency is something I appreciate. I hope they lower the prices soon, I got spoiled paying much less a while back lol.
I was satisfied with it’s this hair but when I started to straighten the hair it started to gain a lot of knots . Other than that the hair is great & I will purchase more soon