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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 128 ssd
Directly installed to an old Notebook I have. Now the computer works like new! It boots very fast, and the I/o operations feel fast enough to make me happy through opening files and binaries. Now, as SSD have a limit of I/o operations, I will have to see how it will behave in the future to give a more objective rating. But as is a very economical product, I'm totally happy how it's working right now. Also the product arrived very fast (less than a month) and in good conditions. it could be amazing if this economical SSDs exist in bigger sizes.
Hi, thanks for delivery and SSD. But there is interesting situation in testing because i have one where i buy from another guy the same model and when i compare with you it's not the same, so what you think?. The first one is from another guy the second is yours
I know this is Aliexpress, but they didn't even bother shipping it for ten days. And when I inquired about it they sent some canned response that had nothing to do with my question. I cannot recommend this store.