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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 13x6 black wig
I really liked this purchase my first on Aliexpress and my first wig purchase the communication was very easy and MsLynn was very professional and attentive making sure my wig arrived promptly and even before my estimated delivery time for free if I had anything negative to say is if you want a more natural looking wig to last you for longer I recommend asking the seller before you purchase it and also you can see the grids of the wig but both things can be adjusted I loved the length and colour and even after my purchase MsLynn contacted me to make sure I received the wig if I was to buy another wig for amount of money I paid a little over one hundred and thirty onedollars which is quite pricey but okay for a good quality wig MsLynn is my go to wig store
Really really full hair. I love it a lot. Really glad I bought from this vendor again. The BOB wig seems so soft and everything are perfect for me, thanks for the seller and her good communication.
wow. this is my second time buying from them n once again I love. Will be buying my next wit from them as well. this week is super cute and needs lil maintenance.