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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 16 tragbare tv
The camera records great. Full HD 60 fps something beautiful. The problem is the sound quality. Often you can hear a quiet buzzing. In my opinion, mounting on the suction cup is a better solution.
Good -Good Resolution. Seller says is: 1366*768 -The DTV channels changes at good speed. -You can see movies from USB & SD. -The DTV sensor is good. -The stand works good. -HDMI Input. Neutral -Batt resist 1 Hour + 25 minutes on DTV. -Sound is medium quality. -I located on upper zone and the image looks rare. You need to look it from front. -Have a rare VGA input but the cable is not included. Bad -Batt level is not shown. Suddenly turns off. -DTV recording records on lower quality than original. (Probably you need to format Hard Disk in special format. I use FAT32). -Some of the remote control keys (ex. 'volume') keys are too small. -Need to point directly to the IR sensor and push firmly the remote keys to get detected. Some time is annoying. -The USB and SD input makes them dangerous to break media. For the manufacturer: -Use a generic LG brand remote control. -Take out VGA Input, A/V Output. -Add HDMI (or MINI HDMI) output. -Change USB & SD position
The sold product is described in the advertisement as G20S-3D but in fact the onboard system shows that it is the product G20S, but it has 3D function as well. Also the sold product should have 8-core cpu and 8-core gpu - in fact the system board points out that it has 8-core cpu but only dual core gpu. Anyway the projector works fine, its pictures are very colourful and clear, its noise level is not annoying and it is very good equiped for its price!
I got the projector on time, good attention and they answer all the questions or doubts you have about the projector and I am very satisfied with the product, it has all the features they mention on the catalog, I strongly recommend to buy it.