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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2017 baby strampler
I’m not completely satisfied with this purchase. The material sort of feels like a cheap pillow case. The print is of the flowers looks digital and not as vibrant as I thought BUT it was for an amazing price so I can’t complain. The romper is still cute just not what I expected. It was fast delivery as well.
perfect!!!!! there was a delay in the shipping, so the seller gave me a refund, and was very kind! after i got my refund, i finally got my item, and placed another order to pay for the item. the delay in the shipping wasn't because of the seller, it was a delay due to the post office. thank you for the great service and item!
Super cute. A little too short to be pants and too long to be shorts for my 15 mo., but I can scrunch the bottom to his knees and be fine