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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 3d drucker
I am very pleased with the product, with the seller and with the delivery time. However DHL notified me by SMS that delivery was scheduled to a given date but they did it the day before. Was not expecting and had to go get it myself at a service point.
Not my first purchase from Makerbase. Always happy. Once was small issue, but communication was great. As for board. Almost perfect fit for Tevo Trantula. Small hole adjustment required. otherwise direct swap.
What can I say.... "fast shipping quick delivery, well packaged" My only gripe is that I never notice nor asked if they include the tube grip it attach to filament extruder. Which mine did not but did order these aswell.
I have others brands printers to compare with. And yet I bought a printer of this brand in the 6th time and do not regret anything. Best prop for this price on the market!