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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4 achsen joystick
The joystick looks nice, feels good is is built well. The spring tension can for some be a bit high. For s smoother feel, remove the bottom plate (4 screws) and take out the two springs. Notice that only the rubber cover now acts as a spring, zeroing to the center is a bit less accurate and may need some manual input, but the smoothness is great without the springs.
Seller could not provide wiring diagram or any lead on where to get a diagram. Had to search internet for more than 30 minutes to find an unofficial diagram that someone made and posted on a forum.
The lower (blue) plastic part melted while melting solder with hot air, the original joystick didn't melt even though it got way hotter for a much longer period of time. Now the Joystick is useless. My fault though, should've been more careful. ordering again.