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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 400 470mhz
The quality of the lecturer is very good, the feel is also very good, the material is very solid, no odor is fine, the call quality is very good, the call distance is far.
It is easy to get started, easy to operate, the shell is hard and resistant to falling, the signal is good, the call is clear and there is no noise, and the battery is durable.
This is pretty similar to UV5R type radios but much smaller. The battery doesn't seem to last long, but mine may just be a dud (I have not been able to do much testing yet). The plus side is that it isnt a proprietary battery, it just looks like about a 450mah 3.7v lithium pack (like what you find in small quadcopter) so theyre easily replaceable and I have a few around here I can use. Fast shipping, good packaging and decent service.