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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 433mhz lora
Thank you for your guide installing libray. I have tested the module in my residence place. It can reach up to 150m when I put in front my house. But it can only reach 50m when the sender is inside my house. I am not sure the default power for transceiver. I hope thie default is not 100%, so that I can extend the distance.
This is the TTGO lora32 v2.0.. Pinmapping for Lora: SCK 5 // GPIO5 MISO 19 // GPIO19 MOSI 27 // GPIO27 SS 18 // GPIO18 RST 14 // GPIO14 DI0 26 // GPIO26 The modules work great (tested with TTN). Took about 2 weeks to come to the Netherlands. Well packed! (in small hard plastic boxes)