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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for am61 huawei
Decent headset with not bad audio quality and good enough mic and really long battery life - real 10hrs. Firm placement in ears. These are better than $10-15 noname headsets, but not much. Recommend seller.
The second set I ordered. The headset is very good - good sound quality and long battery life (charging it once per week). The only disadvantage is that both the user manual and the voice messages are in Chinese only.
1. I can not reading the manual. The manual is in chinese only. It was unpleasant. 2. The bass is weak. Compared to LG tone+ series, the bass is too low. 3. Design is good. 4. It was good because it was light. 5. The price is $ 35. The sound is that much.
I was expecting shipping to be up to a month to Nigeria but was shocked that it only stayed 10days. I was initially dissapointed when I played music with it, till I found out that I needed to fix it properly into my ears and kill the EQ of my music player. of course, this is awesome.
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