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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for andonstar
Excellent product for the price! Screen is of good quality and high resolution. Digital zoom works very well even at 4x, the working surface is large and well-lit thanks to both LED lamps (plus the third one around the lens). The structure seems sturdy enough and does not vibrate when the table is shocked. Packaging was very well made (delivery from Germany) and was delivered in 3 business days.
Excellent optics and an amazing bargain compared to the newest version. Can confirm it can gets temperamental when negotiating the connection with some "smart" external HDMI monitors. One workaround is to plugin the HDMI cable in with the external monitor off first, wait a few seconds, and then power the monitor on - for me that avoids the auto-detection looping issue. Worth it as the picture through an HDMI monitor is far better than through the USB PC link, which introduces some noticeable compression artifacts (it's still very usable though - it's just that standalone mode is better.) Seller was awesome and fast.
Very nice device, nice zoom. I did not really need the more expensive one - ADSM 302... PROS: Quality of image - very good, sharp. Very fast boot - that is important..., LED lights, Sturdy and heavy stand made from metal, pretty versatile User Interface, LCD Built in, Remote Control... Functionality is good and price is not bad ( but i think it should cost something like 130$ not 188) CONS: I think the placement of all terminals like HDMI, USB could be better, No backup battery inside, Dash Camera ROM - that is odd, The controler on the cable - it is a bit "half-baked" - and the DC jack tip (for LED supply) is too long - It protrudes from the rear DC plug in. Personally I feel the focus adjust knob is too loose to me. It has not any zoom - it's only the distance&focus regulation, so it's kinda manual "zoom" but it's actually not... Very fast shipping - recommand this seller! The picture is max far away from the table.
Fast delivery - about a week in total from when I ordered to when it arrived. Very happy with the picture quality. It's going to make SMD work so much easier now I can see what I'm doing :).
Very good quality and useful equipment. I have a problem with frozen image (bottom or top) when I use a USB connection and I don't know how it is corrected. All other functions work perfectly. If I have time I will build a more functional arm.