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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for audio linear power
This LPS outperform my iFi iPower supply which really was an unexpected result upon being connected to my Malaysia ASTRO TV Decoder unit. Colour vibrancy and sound was way much better in comparison to iPower. As i've ordered the 25W version, the LPS casing only feel slightly warm upon bare touch. Really recommend this product. PS - Have bought initially this LPS for powering my Seagate GoFlex Home NAS (Network Attach Storage) but apparently the NAS could not connect to the router. Hence, suspect this LPS is incompatible for use with a NAS for selected makes.
My fourth Power Supply from LHY Audio i bought here at the Queenway Store. Perfect as always - its a pleasure to buy here. Fast and husslefree transaction. Product exact as described, high standards at all levels. I will buy here again. Perfect and secure shipping box. THanX :-)