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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for autostereo dvd
Bought this product because i wanted to give my Hyundai I10 1.2 a more future look. When the pakkage arrived within 12 days! The pakkage itself was nice wrapped and everything was looking good exept for a piece that was looking kinda broken >:(. The first problem was the GPS that was not with glue so i needed to glue it myself into the window. Second problem came when i was install the android radio into the car. It didnt fit all the way in! So i needed to change some screws here and there. After doing so i finnely fitted in but still not perfect. At last attempt i managed to get it in and looks pretty good if i need to say. After turning it on the first thing i noticed was that the android pre installed was kinda looking ugly and not as in the photos at they let you see here. The radio is really fast and look nice in my car. Bluetooth works great for music and calls. I got used to the product fast and works for my saying great. Worth the wait and the money.
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