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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for batterie ladegerät sony
The packaging was a bit dinged up but the items were OK inside. Couldn't do a capacity test, but I took 900 (RAW + JPEG) pics with 30% capacity (70% remaining) in 30 minutes.
Wonderful batteries, with real capacity I think! I connected Feelworld F450 monitor to one battery. Power consumption of this monitor is up to 5 Watts. Although I did not connect a video signal - this monitor was always showing a blue screen on full brightness and consuming a lot of power. After 5 hours I disconnected battery, plugged it to the charger and checked - only 30 percent discharged, after so many time of powering a monitor! Was pleasantly surprised. Means the battery capacity is really big, and could power a camera for a long time. Battery charger is also OK, showing the percentage of battery charging at its LCD and also a USB sign if e.g. you connect a phone. Everything was packed great in a lot of packaging foam, so a package delivered OK and all items in perfect condition. Batteries arrived 70 percent charged, which is good for a long term storage. Delivery time: about 1 month to Russia, although the default order protection time was short and I asked seller to extend it
very very happy ...just received my charger ....it came very fast to Greece in three weeks...good safety packet ...the charges new with no scratches or something from transportation..I'm testing it now and looks to work perfect ....after a few more testing I will leave a new feedback...also I didn't pay any customs...very nice seller thanks a lot....definitely recommend because for sure me I will buy again!!!!!