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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for große größen in frauen 9xl
I'm pleasantly surprised that these stretch to fit me, I'm 5'2" (157/158cm) and about 238lbs (108kg), so them stretching to fit my chubby thighs and waist is fantastic. Only issue is I'm petite at 5'2", so lenghth-wise they're a bit baggy/long, but that's ok by me. :-)
I was a bit worried that they wouldnt fit as is very Hard for me to find clothes but they fit very well. Im 1.58mt tall and i usually wear a size 56 eu (126cms waist and 142 hips) The leggings are a bit longer but Im used to fix The hem of my clothes. They are soft, warm and comfy. of course they are not leather but have a satin finish that make them look as if was. I totally recommend them