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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bm 800 shock mount
Using it for a few days, works fine. Voice is clear, easy to use. Can be used without or with Phanton Power (on computer). I recommend purchasing thelescopic "hand" for easier use.
Good mic for the price. I am running it through phantom power, and I'm not sure it would work well without some sort of additional power. This said, an additional XLR cable or adapter (to connect it to phantom power or something to give it juice) would be really nice.
Good seller. Package was dispatched very fast. Recorded sound quality is very good. "Gold" metal don't look nice (see picture), but this will be always hidden with sponge, and this don't affect on sound quality. Microphone is not omnidirectional as on patern on product description, but product description paper that come with microphone have better pattern (check on image). For me it is better to have more directional microphone so I'm happy with this :)