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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for boot über das knie
Love the boots! I just put them on and my boyfriend couldn’t keep his hands off me - exactly what I wanted. There is a sting on the top to help them to stay up, and the zipper around the heel area makes them easy to put on. As soon as I wear them out I am ordering another pair!
Packaged very nicely and seemed to be a good quality product I made the mistake and accidentally bought the wrong size so I do not know what the comfort is like with them on but the stitching was really nice and they looked to be expensive boots I would buy from this seller again!
These are great boots to have my Thai girls wear with my huge GShock Frogman, for “fetish fun” purposes. (Use the imagination how they use their boot legs and GShock hand to “pleasure” me, hehehe. Of course I reward them for being good girls with a final “pumping” them wearing ONLY these awesome boots! Hehehe.) I bought a second pair for my booted Thai hottie “sandwich.” Now, that’s HEAVEN! These boots are very sexy, tight and stretch to fit every luscious curve of these total babes. AND the material feels so F good. Scream Price Shoes is #1!!!
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Low (1 cm-3 cm)
Schwein Wildleder
Outsole Material