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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for canon dc koppler
Product arrived quite fast. The output voltage is a little higher than the promised 3V (about 3.4V) but it works well. I used it to replace the batteries in my training bike. The only issue I had was with the dummy battery. The + contact has difficulties to reach the contact on the battery case of my bike because it does not protrude enough. The spring in my bike's battery case keeps the whole dummy battery slightly away. I suggest to modify the dummy battery so that the + contact would protrude more (about 1mm more than it is now).
Order arrived, but still not tested due the power supply that will be used with it, still not arrived. After that, another review will be done, and if it works and is "FULL DECODED" as advertised, the fifth star will be increased. 1 day to dispatch 16 days in transit 17 total days from China to Europe
I'm very satisfied about the quality of the good. But since I didn't have a appropriate power bank (5V 3A), I could not test the device whether it outputs a proper voltage and current. In the case of common power bank of Shaomi (5.1V 2.1A), it outputs 1.3V.