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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for fall ps vita
this item is great. makes the vita so much more comfortable to use. could not go back to using the vita without it. the only bad thing which is not the sellers fault is that I paid more than its value in customs costs
do the job, the silicone seems to be good enough, it's lightly tight, so you need to use a pin or something to plug it on the joystick, but after that it's stay in good position. i'm using it with a case on the vita without problem
Just received the case today. It took 2 weeks 1 day which isn't that long compared to where it's coming from. The product is great for the price. I like the little they have in the inside for games and memory cards (that's all that will fit in there. this case fits the Vita 1000 series snugly but that's fine for me. the rubber cords that hold the system in place isn't straight but I'll get used to it eventually lol. overall, I'm fine with the build quality.It feels pretty good to the touch. I would recommend this case to anyone look for some type of protection for their Vitas while on-the-go.