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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cd
Great packaging, paint markers were well packaged and received in perfect condition. I have seen reviews from other sellers where markers damaged during shipping - this seller makes sure the markers are protected and each marker is sealed individually as well. I received the shipment 10 days after placing the order, FAST shipping from CN. The quality of the markers is great as well. The ink does a great job of covering objects on the first coat. Painting with a dark blue marker was beautiful and vibrant on a black CF frame. The ink soaked into the frame and showed up great.
Very good product. Holds perfectly in the CD slot. Phone holds perfectly in the holder as well. Thanks to the soft pads the older does not push the buttons on the phone sides.
I am very happy to have made the purchase of the external optical drive, the product was delivered in good condition, well packaged. And the seller is very attentive, respond quickly. I am totally satisfied with the purchase. The product was delivered fast. (18 calendar days / 13 business days).