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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for kind cosplay kleid
Very happy with this costume. I put wrong the bow but ignore it. The tiara definitely ill have to do it with worbla, this one is horrible. Apart of the tiara all perfect
Lovely costume, but the top is a little see-through (because it is not lined). Thankfully, the neck bow covers my chest, not sure how effective this would be for someone a little larger. The skirt is fantastically made and silk feels really nice. The bows are firm and really bring the outfit together. Very happy with this purchase <3
It's perfect!! I was worried XS would be a little too tight, but it's so comfortable and light! Everything is really easy to put on, and well-made too. I was surprised to get two tiaras(?) (one with the dress & in a separate box) since I had no idea that would be included, but it's really pretty! Thank you so much!! ♡♡
It did arrive quickly and then I miss placed it. Finally tried it on and I’m so happy it fits. My minor issue is how see through it is - I would maybe suggest a thicker material - but for me a camisole will work. It’s short but it’s a Sailor scout Cosplay so it will be lol. Boot covers were good but I would of preferred them to have no sole attached - it’s like a sock more than anything. Bows are nice and big which I like the chocker though is too small but I can fix that with a bit of ribbon.