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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for denim jacket woman
i'm very happy with this product! The hoodie inside is sleeveless and very thick, very warm and good for winter time. It's extremely soft and very well put together, no loose strings. The denim jacket is so cute and perfect for autumn or spring time. The color matches perfectly, it's soft, and has no loose strings. There is a bit of smell but not bad. It smells more like it's been inside of a bag during the shipping which is completely understandable. I'm so happy with this product. I am 5'8" with a fairy big body size so I got a larger size than usual. It's cutely oversized and, for me, that's a perfect fit. It's not overly big or too small, not uncomfortable, and just right. I'm very happy to spend my money on this product 10/10 would recommend to anyone. (:
Well it's probably the quality you get when you pay less. It's not bad, but a few things just weren't done. Like getting rid of all the little sutures. But you can easily do it yourself ;) PS: If you have big boobs, take a big size