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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for digital player mit bluetooth
Great. Bluetooth fast. in 12v 2.5A speakers: 2 x 10w 8ohms (in series) + 1x20w 4ohms (subwoofer). zero noise. all working perfectly. excellent seller very attentive, shipping to Brazil less than 30 calendar days in Aliexpress Standart.
I never got package tgis fast. I paid 16€ extra and it was fast. Radio is as on picture. Will report how it works when it is instaled. will get some pictures.
I think the sound is better than DAP with the same price. I feel noise when using a sensitive earphone. I feel little noise with headphones or earphone with low sensitivity. It is possible to eliminate noise with an attenuator. Operation is fast, but the rotary switch sensitivity is too high, there are erroneous operations. Although there is no problem with microSD or USB connected HDD, songs on the network are not listed (only in file browser selection) Therefore it is regrettable that it can not be selected with Hiby Link. Both the case and the screen are small but images and letters look beautiful. Song names and artist's Japanese are also displayed, but some kanji are funny. I would like to expect further updates.