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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for domino holz
I ordered this for my little boy for his fifth birthday and was very happy to find it at the post office on his birthday! He was incredibly excited and played for hours, he even took them to bed. I wasn't expecting to have to put the accessories together but it only took a few minutes, it would have been faster had my son not been trying to play with them while I was putting them together. Unfortunately, there weren't any "instructions" in the package and I was hoping there would be because my son likes to build things from pictures but he has a great imagination. The carrying bag is far better quality than I was expecting, which is fantastic because my son is unintentionally rough on things. He excitedly put all the pieces in the bag, out the bag over his shoulder and trotted off to his room to play. He played for hours until he fell asleep. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any pictures, I wasn't able to get the bags open fast enough for him! I have a very happy little boy. ☺️