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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for doublepow
as many people reviewes I too confirm that the average mAh is 500mAh to advertise 800, but the 500 is reliable. 4 batteries was 496, 550, 574, 756 mAh Voltage of fully charged up to 4.7V . and more important no empty ones. Recommend product. Thanks for great service.
The charger came well packed, there is a complete adapter on the European outlet. Charges a long time, in a vertical outlet it is not practical, since the load on the outlet itself falls out. But for such a price is a good choice, given that there are end-of-charge indications
This seller is no longer shipping to anywhere but parts of Europe and Asia so though these look like great batteries I'll probably never know. Shipped by Belgium Post which became popular a few months ago. All 5 of my shipments by them, from various sellers, were supposedly delivered to a postal service in Mexico but without tracking there is no way to find them. I can't blame the seller for the shipment problems. Seller refunded quickly and if shipping by SFC MX EXPRESS becomes available I will order again.