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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dynamic li
Before I purchased this battery pack, I contacted the seller to request its weight, which they happily provided. It was actually slightly heavier than the original battery that I owned (batteries of lower capacity weigh less, because they contain less lithium). This is the real thing! - not one of the under-powered replacements sold by some other companies. Straight out of the box, on its first discharge cycle, it measured out at 7,891mAh capacity! (and Li-ion batteries, like those used in this battery pack, generally under-perform on their first few cycles). The original factory battery was rated at 7,200mAh. If you want a quality battery that will perform as well, or better, than the original, this is it! I will be a repeat customer. Highly recommended! [To the seller: Please don't switch to another manufacturer. Stay with this one!]