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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for enya gitarre
I am most satisfied with the recent choices. Sound quality is fantastic and quality is very high. Delivery is also much faster than expected. I would like to recommend it to others.
Dear Emily, I am extremely sastified with the product that arrived. The ukulele arrived safe and sound; and, the packaging was amazing. I don't have to pay any taxes which is good thing and good thanks to the seller Emily. Once I open the ukulele the handmade gloss finished shined out very bright, bluish clear. The ukulele fingerboard is very dry when it come out, but as I put the lemon oil, the fingerboard ebony and pearl stand out so much. I could not be more thankful with the nice solid handmade painting ukulele. The tigerstrip flame Maple is a beauty. The communication is extremely great. Emily replied me everytime and what I like about Emily is she replie very fast, accurate to the question I asked. The ukulele may take a long time, but every second, minute, and hour is worthed to wait for the ukulele. The sound of the ukulele is amazing-- very bright, clear, and resonate very well. Keep it up Emily. I'll order from you more in the future. Louis TT.
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