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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for esp32 ttgo
A problem with payment not going through due to a rare glitch with AliExpress. Calmly dealt with by LilyGO so that the order was still processed fast. I will hapilly recommend LilyGO to anyone :)
Very nice product. Tested it with micropython with oled driver. All things work well. small size was very important for me. First package was lost by carrier, but seller send second package very fast. Nice try to create tiny device LillyGo. Thanks.
The board has already installed a sample programm that shows the oled is working. It would be perfect, to get also this and other sample code and maybe more information wiring etc of sdcard, schematic. Board has uart2014 serial bridge,
The 3D printed enclosures look much better than in the pictures, with smooth painted surface. Overall it feels there's been a lot of thought put on the enclosure design. Only complaint is that the microusb connectors are so deep inside the enclosures a standard charging cable won't make contact. The included cables have more of the connector exposed and with them there's no issues. The included cables are just too short for many uses.
It's a nice object with lots of possibilities but with no documentation if you want to have access to the board components but as a mp3 player controlled from internet it works (needs configuration with esp32IDE). It would be great if they gave us more docs.