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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for euc
The only thing i miss is a receipt for the correct amount, I understand and appreciate the receipt following package was set to 200 dollars for custom reasons, however this product was billed my company, and I need a receipt with correct amount (998 dollars) payed for book-keeping reasons, is this manageble? With regards Gunnar Enoksen. Buzzy@live.no.
The product works and was delivered very quickly. However, the provided audio cable is not really compatible with the connector on the board. The former is a 4 pin plug and the board has a 5 pin connector. It will fit but these connectors are not designed for this, nor is it very elegant. Seller was quick to respond to questions though.
I am most satisfied with the recent choices. Sound quality is fantastic and quality is very high. Delivery is also much faster than expected. I would like to recommend it to others.