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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for evkoodance
Thought this item was removable, instead it is stuck onto the sole of the shoe. I probably misunderstood this function. This is not a big problem but wish that it was as I thought.
Thank you very much beautiful shoes can you help me please how i can complain my 3 handbags still i am not received yet take it so long blue yellow and pinks handbag
Great deal! Lovely shoes - well made, with care of details. The color is even nicer than on the pictures. The size 7.5 is Perfect for European 38 (24.5). I took customized 10cm-heels. Please consider that too high heels may feel a bit unstable - so I would recommend to take rather smaller ones. Apart from that the shoes are nicely done and very soft for feet, really comfortable. Great communication with the seller, very fair man! I will consider to come back for another pair :) Dear Seller, thank you very much!
Shipment was delivered in 35 days to CZ. I love design very much! However quality of the shoes could be a little bit better: holes for locks are not straightly done, some stones are missing and glue is visible on one shoe hill. my hill is falling out of shoe not because it is small size, but because it is not deep enough. Also I do not like inside material, I think foot will be sweating in it. will see how it will be after some dancing.
Just perfect! The right color, size and heel. Perfectly made sole ("with "cushion") and heel (well set). The shoes fit closely well to the foot. Finish at a very good level. The fron of the sole is not in the blue fabrict but for me it's a plus. The seams are sewn with white threads if there were blue shoes would be perfect.
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