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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for felyby mic
Well packed. On time. As ordered. Also there was a small bonus - stand for a phone. Thanks, it's nice and cute, and made me feel good :3 The micro itself is high enough quality. For this price - just great. Fully satisfied with the purchase. Thank you, I hope for further use of your services. (that stand was great :3)
Got my item today. It's received within 25-30 days. But still good. But One thing it's need a sound card for better sound quality. I will order next time from this store. Thanks
Basically the webcam works but is bad, however, that isnt the main item in this package so couldnt careless about it. the mic, However, works great! the stand as well. The 48v phantom is powered via USB which is interesting, it is of bad quality and doesn't work all the time. I'd recommend getting your own 48v phantom from anywhere, those things are cheap. All in all, the main item works well, and for such a price, I highly recommended to get it as a starting mic.