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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for film lenovo laptop
This item was ordered by me on 2018-01-29 & marked as "Successful Delivery" on 2018-02-12 (1 month ago), but I didn't receive it yet!!! The local distributor in Israel signed the package instead of me! The problem is that this seller is shipping the packages via DHL e-commerce & they use a local distributor in Israel named "Mailog" - there delivery method is to drop the package by the client address door, without any notification! I contacted them, their delivery service claims that my package was dropped by my building entrance door. I have heard many complaints about "Mailog" service, so please do not use them (or DHL e-commerce) when you ship packages to Israel. I sent few messages to this seller few days ago, but didn't receive any response yet Anyway, I have already contacted AliExpress Customer Service & explained them the current situation and they promised to refund me