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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for fisch led riff
After an email request that one of my three LED panels was defective - I bought from PopBloom four years ago - they responded very promptly. I was offered a new product - only a lifetime of 4 years?I was recommended 4 panels to replace my three and I did what I was told -without studying more closely. After receiving the new panel did I realize that it was only half the size of my existing panels - but more light sources. Regarding the light this was not a problem, but my whole fixation had to be reorganized. Also worth mentioning is when the fans are running this is very unpleasant noise. The quality is according to the price and sustainability can be emphasized thereby in no way. Conclusion: What you can get for this prize is unrivalled! The delivery time I felt incredibly fast! 4 days, what more could you want! And you also seem to have customs clearance under control. TOP!