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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hair human ponytail
I love the hair!! The sellers communication was good. I ordered the 18" bleached the knots and dyed the hair. I did get some shedding but it's most likely from me dyeing and bleaching. Will buy again!! I recommended to several coworkers and friends who loved my hair. Thanks again
The hair well exceeded my expectations for the price. the hair was thick even at the ends and was quite soft even after I died the ponytail a shade darker and blowdried/straightened it. I've only worn it twice since purchasing but its held up pretty well, wore it to the gym as well and didn't really tangle or dry out. straight from the packet, there is a strange smell to the hair when you put it right up to your nose. not sure how to describe it? maybe like a bit burnt? this may just be from whatever treatments and processing had been applied to the hair beforehand. I tried using scented shampoo/conditioner on the hair when I was washing the dye out which did help but it's still there if you put your nose right up to it. overall, this is not only the cheapest human hair ponytail I have found, but is also almost exactly the same as more expensive extensions, wigs and ponytails I've bought. (only noticeable difference was slight smell) definitely seems worth it for the money.