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Karte & ID Halter

HMILY Echtes Kuh Leder Frauen Karte Halter Business 12 Karte Slot Damen Karte Brieftasche 5 Einfarbig Karte Fall Unisex null Brieftasche

US $4.50
US $8.83 -49%


Geld-Zurück-Garantie Rückerstattung in 15 Tagen

Überprüfung durch Jxxxm (FI)
Items arrived to Northern Europe reasonably quick. The products themselves are just splendid! I LOVE my new card-wallet!! They're made of real leather/cow hide, the colours are brilliant, and the quality is excellent! The wallets came without any defects or scratches, and their stitching is immaculate! There are 12 slots for cards and 2 bigger compartments for anything else like notes, photos, or more cards. This wallet is not designed to have coin compartments, and neither can it hold any small items like rings or SIM cards securely. However, if a cardholder-cum-wallet that you're looking for, then this is simply perfect!! I'd definitely order more for gifts and I'd order other colours too!


  • Markenname: HMILY
  • Geschlecht: Unisex
  • Hauptmaterial: Echtem Leder
  • Echtes Leder Typ: Kuh Leder
  • Gebrauch: Visitenkarte
  • Art: Geschäft
  • Mustertyp: Fest
  • Verschlusstyp: Haspe
  • Form: Kissen
  • Modellnummer: DDCL-3324
  • Materilzusammensetzung: natural cowhide
  • Artikelgewicht: 65g
  • Artikelbreite: 8cm
  • Artikellänge: 10.5cm
  • Einzelteil-Art: Karte u. Identifikation-Halter
  • Function: ard holder/card case/card wallet
  • Material: genuine cow leather/natural leather/real leather


  • 5 Sterne 94%
  • 4 Sterne 4%
  • 3 Sterne 1%
  • 2 Sterne 0%
  • 1 Stella 1%
4.9 / 5

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