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SCHIEßEN Mini Flexible Schwamm Octopus Stativ für iPhone Samsung Xiaomi Huawei Handy Smartphone Stativ für Gopro 8 7 5 kamera

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Überprüfung durch Mxxxo (DE)
I haven't been writing many reviews lately, but this time I can't refrain from doing so. At under $2, these flexible tripods are one of those incredibly cool and cheap gadgets that everyone wants to have once they see it in action. I also ordered other cheap smartphone tripods on aliexpress, but this type of tripod is unique in that it has three feet that can be bent around objects, giving the user a lot more potential places to install the tripod. The soft rubber texture of the legs and the strong spring of the smartphone clip result in a stability that I personally did not expect. In my case, I used a smartphone with a protection glass and a TPU case with a total weight of a approximately 200 g, attached it to a square railing and the tripod had absolutely no problems staying in place.

Can it hold the pressure of a DSLR or SLR? I want fix this on NIKON COOLPIX B500.

Actually answer is no because first thing it's size is small like only 10cm in length and secondly it's not made up of solid metal. For dslr my advice would be joby pod which is not the not available in aliexpress. You can get it at a good price from fotocenerindia dotcom.

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  • Markenname: SHOOT
  • Gebrauch: Smartphones
  • Art: Flexible Tripod
  • Material: Kunststoff
  • Gewicht (g): 60g
  • Max Extened Länge (mm): 150mm
  • Gefaltete Länge (mm): 150mm
  • Modellnummer: Mini Camera Mobile Phone Tripod Holder Clip Stand
  • Paket: Ja
  • Color: Black/ Blue/ Red
  • Maximum Load: Around 500g
  • Suit for: Tripod for Camera
  • Suit for: Tripod for Phone
  • Use Model 1: Tripod for iPhone x 9 8 7 6 6s 5 5s 4s Plus
  • Use Model 2: Tripod for Samsung 6s 6 Note 7 5 5s
  • Use Model 3: for xiaomi huawei sony x3000 smartphone
  • Use Model 4: Tripod for Gopro Hero 8 7 6 5 4 Session Hero5 Hero4 3
  • Use Model 5: Tripod for Xiaomi yi 4K 4K+ yi lite xiaomi mijia 4k
  • Use Model 6: Tripod for Dji Osmo Action Camera
  • Use: Digital Camera
  • SKU: XTK75

GOPRO 8-990






Mini Flexible Schwamm Octopus Stativ




  1. Aus hartem kunststoff, komplette flexibilität
  2. 360 ° Ball Kopf für multi-winkel schießen
  3. Nicht-slip design für besseren schutz von ihr telefon und kamera
  4. Universal 1/4 schraube kann direkt an die kamera, telefon clip, adapter, etc.
  5. Vielseitig, kann verwendet werden als handy stativ, einfache griff und iPad stand


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