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Tigernu Anti theft USB bagpack 15,6 zu 17 zoll laptop rucksack für Frauen Männer schule Tasche Weiblich Männlich Reise Mochila

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Überprüfung durch Hxxxn (US)
A sturdy and light backpack that can carry a laptop, along with multiple pockets, and a USB charging port. The compartment for the laptop is greatly padded (besides the bottom). The back of the laptop compartment isn't padded well on the parts without the breathable foam. Instead, it's a thin layer of padding, including a thin, sturdy cardboard-like material. I really like the fact they added in the sturdy material, so my laptop doesn't bend while wearing my backpack. The main compartment is able to hold my 1.5 inch binder and three 70 sheet spiral notebooks with about an inch of space left. The second compartment holds my earbud case, sunscreen, and little other things. The front pocket holds my calculator and laptop lock. The back pocket on the bottom holds all my data, such as SD cards and USBs, which is a great way to hide them from possible thieves! The USB charging port is simply a great way to charge any phone that I or any friends have with a multi-connector cable.

imperméable ?

Bonjour, il résistera à la pluie le temps d’un court trajet, mais ne comptez pas le laisser toute une nuit.

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  • Markenname: tigernu
  • Hauptmaterial: Oxford
  • Techniken: None
  • Geschlecht: Unisex
  • Rucksacktyp: Softcover
  • Kapazität: 20-35 Liter
  • Innen: Innenfach
  • Innen: Computer Interlayer
  • Innen: Innenreißverschluss-Tasche
  • Innen: Innenschlitz-Tasche
  • Innen: Handy-Tasche
  • Handle/Strap Type: Soft Handle
  • Einzelteil-Art: Rucksack
  • Dekoration: None
  • Verschlusstyp: zipper
  • Regen-Abdeckung: Nein
  • Außen: NONE
  • Tragendes System: Luftpolster-Gurt
  • Modellnummer: T-B3142 usb
  • Futter-Material: Polyester
  • Art: Art und Weise
  • Mustertyp: Solid
  • Backpack dimensions: H49cm*L33cm*W20cm
  • Anti-thief,Splashproof: yes
  • Hindden charing USB interface: yes
  • Colors: Black grey,grey
  • Men backpack: Men laptop backpack
  • Capability: fit for books,A4 Magazine,Clothes,laptops,Mobile phone
  • Notice: There is no mobile power comes with the backpack inside.
  • Usage: School Backpack, Travel Backpack,Business laptop backpack
  • Laptop compartment size: 27*39cm


1. große kapazität 2. Classic design suite für verschiedene gelegenheiten 3. austauschbare USB lade port 4. Anti theft doppel schichten zipper 5. Anti diebstahl laptop fach


  • imperméable ?

    Bonjour, il résistera à la pluie le temps d’un court trajet, mais ne comptez pas le laisser toute une nuit.

  • can you charge your phone with it??

    если есть Power bank - подключаете его к кабелю внутри рюкзака и заряжаете без проблем

  • send my order or return my money

    😂👍 It is a wrong place to ask this...

  • nice

    Yes it's very nice. A very good product to a very good price.

  • aclárame el precio en soles ..

    хороший рюкзак для подростков

  • waterproof?

    Yes :)

  • .

    excelent product! It arrived Very quickly!

  • Can a 15.6 inch laptop fits in (classical not MacBook)?


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