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Digital Tablets

HUION H430P Digitale Tablets Micro USB Unterschrift Grafiken Zeichnung Stift Tablet OSU Spiel Batterie-Freies Tablet Mit Geschenk

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Überprüfung durch Nxxxy (US)
This is my first tablet and i love it to pieces!!! I use it to play osu! but i've also tried using it in photoshop for drawing and it works fantastic :D (the 4000+ pressure sensitivity is really good, i tried using a friend's tablet with less sensitivity and you can really feel the difference) The pen is very nice and natural to hold (i bought this tablet partly for the battery-free pen and i honestly think having battery required pen would be a real hassle especially when this pen works fine) and the free glove is super helpful! (it's a bit big for my hand but my hands are tiny so it would probably fit well on a regular sized hand) The delivery was super fast and it was simple and easy to install the driver and set up the tablet. Overall i would definitely recommend getting this tablet, especially if it's on sale (i bought it at 60% off)

how much custom tax?

im from saudi and for me there is no custom tax

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  • Markenname: HUION
  • Blutdruckniveaus: 4096
  • Art: Grafiktabletts
  • Auflösung Verhältnis: 5080LPI
  • Bildschirmgröße (diagonal): 4"
  • Paket: Ja
  • Tablette-Breite: 139.2mm
  • Modellnummer: H430P
  • Typ: Digital-Tabletten
  • Tablettelänge: 186.6mm
  • Schnittstellentyp: USB
  • Material: Plastic
  • Pen Technology: Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance
  • Press Keys: 4 Customized Press Keys
  • Dimension: 186.6 x 139.2 x 6.3mm
  • Working Area: 121.9 x 76.2mm ( 4.8 x 3in )
  • Net Weight: 135g
  • Pressure Level: 4096Levels
  • Report Rate: 233PPS
  • Sensing Height: 10mm
  • Interface: Micro USB
  • OS Support: Windows 7 or later MacOS 10.11 or later

HUION H430P 4x3 Zoll Digitale Tablets Micro USB Unterschrift Stift Tablet Grafiken Zeichnung Tablet OSU Spiel Tablet Batterie-freies Tablet

  • 5 Sterne 96%
  • 4 Sterne 4%
  • 3 Sterne 0%
  • 2 Sterne 0%
  • 1 Stella 0%
4.9 / 5

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