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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for letzten verkauf schwarz
Shipping came from China to USA in 5 days! WOW!!! Fastest shipping I've had on aliexpress!!! The lipstick itself has a pleasant scent, for a matte lipstick it isn't very creamy or thick as it is light and a bit oily. The texture feels a bit like a lipbalm rather than lipstick and it's not sticky either like other lipsticks. It's not the most opaque but you can layer it. I have somewhat dry lips so I really like this, it makes my lips look smooth and flawless and not cracked like other lipsticks. Gorgeous, I actually really love the formula even though it isn't as rich as more high end lipsticks. The application is a little bit messy but that can be solved with a lip liner. The product does look and feel inexpensive since it's flimsy but the lipstick quality isnt bad at all.