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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lcd xiaomi redmi note 5a prime
The physical quality of the display seems to be very good. However this display is not as good as the original one. On some pastel colors, like stock MIUI backgrounds or TWRP blue, I can see a faint grid of individual pixels. This doesn't bother me as much, if I didn't know how the original display is, I would consider it to be very good. The thing that's very annoying is the brightness calibration issue. I even flashed a new weekly but it didn't help. It's like the length of the display's brightness bar is way shorter and doesn't match the length of the MIUI software brightness bar and while you are adjusting the brightness it goes from 'no brightness' to 'full brightness' a couple of times. Safe to say - it's almost impossible to adjust or find the right brightness you need. There is no way I can read a PDF now at night. It'll either be low contrast or burn my retinas. I filmed it - / ivYqGTNWmdg Another annoying fact is that there is no adhesive for the battery.
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