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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for led new year
Positives: - very solid torch, excellent quality, 5yr warranty - runs on 8xAA batteries. Its much easier to use AAs than bespoke 18650s - no rattle from torch because the batteries fit directly into it without a battery holder - simple 2 button usage, even my wife can use it - can run on standard AAs or rechargeable AAs, as per instruction booklet. - good peripheral beam spread with central hot spot - appx 7hrs runtime on middle setting (460 lumens) which is plenty bright THIS IS WHY I BOUGHT IT - other modes high and turbo are so bright you will rarely need them, but good to have - one touch access to emergency strobe light if required (e.g. for personal safety) Negatives: - expensive (if you are used to buying cheap torches) - torch can roll if placed horizontally on flat surface - slight donut type hole at centre of beam where the illumination is reduced - no way to register the serial number with Nitecore China online (not that I have found so far)
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