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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for love live shoe
Came in 12 day, which is super fast. Ordered on the 25th June and came on the 6th July. It is a little stiff and tight at 1st, but I think it'll loosen up and become fairly comfortable after a few wears.
So, so accurate! They’re beautifully made and fairly comfortable. The zipper tends to poke my foot a bit but with the stockings on for the full cosplay I don’t feel it at all. A great purchase!
These are lovely and perfect for Umi! Before buying, be sure to note the materials, as they are not of the most ideal construction. The main part of the shoe is just a fabric pattern and tmhe sole and heel are made of that common soft, leathery like material. The shoes close with a visible zipper, but the detachable tops cover most of it. My biggest disappointment was that the bow is not part of the top and it just is wayy too far down and looks out of place. They fit very snugly (I'm a US women's 9M) and are even a little too close fitting on my narrow feet, so take caution if you have wide feet. Hands down the best part is the traction on the soles and the sturdiness of the heel. Well worth the wait and price.