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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for men tie
Its perfect, very beautiful and exactly as I wanted, the seller messaged me with design to be confirmed and I added slight changed, without any problems he altered according to my request. Many thanks I highly recommend!
A decent quality product for a very affordable price. It's not high fashion, but you get what you are paying for. It's perfectly good for everyday use, and doesn't look as cheap as it actually is. It took 5 days for the seller to ship, for a total of 25 days from order to delivery, and this was within the same continent... so if you are ordering far away from China and need this product within a certain time frame, I highly recommend ordering well in advance.
Nicely made. Designwise I think the ghost is too small relative to the size of pacman, so in terms of design it isn't five stars, but giving five stars in terms of quality.