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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mini pc router
Hello, The product is remarkable, really made and surprising. Windows 7 & Win 10 works perfectly. Really in this configuration is a Rocket. For the user, like linux router, pfsens etc. performance level very high. Work really quiet the temperature of the device slightly warm. For buyers from Poland and DHL transport -VAT will definitely be added, I recommend another carrier. Overall positive rating.
The little beast run a bit high temp with minimal load at room temperature in Thailand. CPU temp is 65 celsius with DDR3L 1.35v and about 70 celsius with DDR3 1.5v. It works perfectly as my home pfsense firewall, just testing for a week.
These Mini PC's are great routers and very reliable. I've purchased quite a few and they all work perfectly. They are a good quality product that lasts. Amy is awesome, I accidentally placed an order and needed additional units. I placed a second order. Amy contacted me and asked if I wanted them shipped together. That's AMAZING customer service. I look forward to my next purchase.
Item received and working as expected. Shipped with the wrong power adapter for my region so had to spend a further €5 on a cable, seller did not offer to refund just a undisclosed discount next time I order. Item is good, seller less so..