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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for monitor mit vga
It came exactly as described. Its Awesome. I wish we were able to add games to it like tekkan, mk2, mk3, killer instinct and gauntlet legends.... some more arcade classics. PS> sonic one is super hard to beat being that the stages start with 1 min of time left IDK Why i just assume that how it was in the arcade lol... But yea.. awesome device. 1 more thing, NBA JAM for some reason I cant play against someone when I play two players. They have to play on my team on two player mode which kinda sucks. But they still get 5 stars in my book.
Product arrived today to Morocco after 40 days. Delivery time is okay considering the distance and that some packages take 2 months. Cable build is good enough, like you can see in the pictures. And most importantly it works. I’m happy with this purchase.