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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for motherboard ps vita
A very trustworthy seller. Got the product, opened up my psvita and changed motherboards. Checked the firmware and it noted 3.01. Also very customer friendly, verifiying the product being what the description says from seller to buyer. Much appreciated, given this a 5 stars well worth.
Overall, very happy with this. The delivery was 1 week, when it could've been up to 2 months, and the price is very reasonable. These are the issues the Vita has: The 'o' button is fairly weak compared to the rest of the buttons, and has some real wiggle to it. I'd put money on it being the thing that breaks first, however long that'll be. The back-plate sticker with the Vita info is upside-down. When the screen is on, but showing a deep-black image, you can see huge glue-shapes that can be seen through the screen; these can't be seen on any other colour, or angle, than deep-black. Around the right analog stick, there's a good amount of glue coming out of the sides where I'm guessing it's glued into the frame (which has been impossible for me to remove as of yet).
The motherboard is working, and it is 3.36 FW, but I have to say that's a really dirty PCB, and the pins connecting MB to controller boards were bent. Other than that it's ok. Adapter is very good, working. Overall packaging was perfect.
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