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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for necklace party
The Necklace arrived very fastand they are beautiful and I expect they will sell faster than they got here so i will be ording them very soon again Thank you for yor fine product and fast service . Sharon Carrel
This is my first freebie - just a couple of months since I first applied for one! It was a big surprise on the March 8 - the official Russian holiday celebrating women and beauty. Quite a coincidence!. And I loved the pendant and the way it was packed. Everything’s so nice that I’m thinking of getting a ring matching it. It’s slightly smaller than I expected, which makes it look even better. I’m happy to have it, and there was an additional present - a cute choker, which I presented to my daughter. So she was happy too!.. Thank you so much!
As pictured and fine quality, but my issue is: poor packaging. I ordered 3 items and they were bubble-wrap protected, but also shoved inside the box like this?! So they're all bent, creased and disheveled! Please do not do this in the future.
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