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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for halskette stahl marke neue
AMAZING AMAZING!! Took 15 days to get to Australia, chain was shorter then expected but honestly so so good!!!! 110% recommend!! & seller was so lovely! I brought all 4 colours
The item is nice. Of course it is a zinc alloy and hence a bit too flexible but the price is low enough, even if it could be lower. The Morrowind keychain costed less and feels more sturdy and thick. Overall, I am satisfied (modified its lace bit to use it as a keychain and not as a necklace).
item took a long time to arrive but it did. packaging was good although there is a small patch that looks 'faded' either through pressure or where it was held to add paint or coating. that aside it's as described and how it looks. it's far too big for a necklace but it's nice to have.
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