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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for onemix frau
11 size fits to 28.5cm. Excellent quality, however, I thought that the material will be a bit thicker than it actually is. But they are as light as promised, color and size do match the description and I’m very satisfied with the delivery, it was fast and not via our governmental postal system but through private company with simplified delivery methods! Thank you!
A little tight over the foot wrist. The shoe is probably true to it's sizing, or a tad smaller (maybe due to the fur inside eating up some space). But really cool shoe, recommendable. Haven't had a chance to check waterproofness yet.
Shoe was a perfect fit. It is light almost like you are not holding anything. Good quality too. It's made of soft materials, so you can wear it for longer without feeling any discomfort. Very comfortable and beautiful. Has a bouncing feel when I walk.
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