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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pfsense quad
Very happy with the entire transaction with Minisys. Bill from Minisys was fantastic to deal with, he was happy to organise pfSense being installed for me and confirmed all of the specifications and options before finalising shipping. The Minisys 4 Lan minipc has worked flawlessly and the AES-NI cryptographic hardware will future proof the system for years to come. Overall I'm very happy with the support and the minipc/pfSense router from Minisys.
Excellent product. Put pfsense on it with pfblocker and squid with no issues at all. Runs smoothly. Only con is it runs very very hot. Need an external fan for sure!!
DHL as always a PITA, taxed me very high. Had problems with opnsense so chose to install pfsense instead. Seems to be working fine will post again if I encounter issues
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